Sectors we cover.

Sectors we cover.


With it being the bedrock of all the other industries in the United Kingdom, we offer our professional accountancy services to the manufacturing sector to help them get on top of their manufacturing goals and keep their finances in check making sure they can utilize the economies of scale and maximise their revenues.

Transport & Distribution.

Logistics and transport are a key component of almost all businesses, helping them connect with their departments, stores, their spread-out locations and deliver products to their customers.

The challenge for all freight companies is an increased demand for deliveries in shorter timeframes. More orders and shipments, means more paperwork and numbers to keep track of and that’s where we step in!


Wholesaling sector can use our accountancy services to get professional advice and creative strategies on maximising their cash flows and making smart Investments that could return optimal profits and sustain their supply chains.

Rowen Accountants can help wholesale businesses to effectively manage their inventory, sales, tax data and strive for maximum profitability!


The retail sector uses more financial inputs than any other sector. A professional accountant can help them get tailor-made strategies for their bookkeeping and financial accounting requirements.

Rowen accountants can help your retail business with techniques and strategies to solve all your accounting, tax, and operational issues.

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Tourism and Hospitality are some of the fastest growing sectors within the service industry.

Get help from our professional accountants to help you free up more time allowing you to invest in your marketing campaigns to attract thousands of customers visiting the United Kingdom every single day.

Food & Catering.

Our professional accountants assists in all types of Food and Catering businesses to help them manage their inventory, record their sales on a daily, weekly and monthly basis so that they can better decide their pricing policies for their products and where they can save on their overhead costs to achieve maximum profits.

Real Estate.

The high amount of cash flows and transactions, along with tax obligations from legal authorities make Real Estate businesses one of the prime users of professional accountants.

Rowen accountants can help your real estate agent to secure personal finances, file your own and your client’s tax returns on their properties, and manage all their necessary financial records.

Health & Care.

Health and Care sectors require a range of services from bookkeeping, internal auditing, budgeting and managing finances.

Rowen accountants help health care businesses take care of all the accountancy needs for hospitals, private care facilities, health insurance companies and other health-related organisations.


If you are employed or in a partnership there are instances were you could be making a saving by submitting a tax return. We work with numerous private clients who have made savings by submitting a tax return in the most efficient way.

Financial Markets.

Financial markets need professional accountants who have deep knowledge and understanding of industry practices, someone who can help them make the right investments for the right amount at the right time.

Rowen accountants empower investors to make the best decisions at the right time and get the best return on their investments.

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